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Air Conditioning Fault Codes

    air conditioning

  • A system for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building or vehicle, typically to maintain a cool atmosphere in warm conditions
  • (Air-conditioned) buses fares cost a little over four times the fare of an ‘Ordinary’ route covering the same distance. Those buses have route numbers starting with A.
  • An Original Equipment or Aftermarket accessory system that cools and dries the incoming passenger compartment air. Aka: a/c
  • air conditioner: a system that keeps air cool and dry


  • An unattractive or unsatisfactory feature, esp. in a piece of work or in a person’s character
  • A break or other defect in an electrical circuit or piece of machinery
  • defect: an imperfection in an object or machine; “a flaw caused the crystal to shatter”; “if there are any defects you should send it back to the manufacturer”
  • blame: put or pin the blame on
  • A misguided or dangerous action or habit
  • mistake: a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; “he made a bad mistake”; “she was quick to point out my errors”; “I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults”


  • A series of letters, numbers, or symbols assigned to something for the purposes of classification or identification
  • (code) a set of rules or principles or laws (especially written ones)
  • attach a code to; “Code the pieces with numbers so that you can identify them later”
  • A system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., esp. for the purposes of secrecy
  • A system of signals, such as sounds, light flashes, or flags, used to send messages
  • (code) a coding system used for transmitting messages requiring brevity or secrecy

air conditioning fault codes

air conditioning fault codes – Actron CP9145

Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability for OBDII Vehicles
Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability for OBDII  Vehicles
A bold step forward in DIY diagnostics! The SUPER AutoScanner allows the user to easily retrieve and read OBD II trouble codes and display/read live vehicle data for a faster diagnosis. This sophisticated yet extremely user-friendly tool can be used on OBD II compliant cars and light trucks (foreign and domestic) sold in the U.S. from 1996 to the present. Optional cables add coverage for OBD I 1984-95 Ford and GM models and 1989-95 OBD I Chrysler applications. Includes: SUPER AutoScanner CP9145 Base Unit, OBD II Cable, 8-Foot Extension Cable, Manual/CD-ROM with over 5,000 code definitions and a Soft Carrying Case.

Is your car’s check engine light on? If it is, your car is trying to tell you something and the Actron CP9145 Super AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner speaks its language. Use this scanner to unlock the information stored in your car’s computer. Whenever your check engine light is on, the device can pinpoint the problem so you can fix it fast and be on your way.

The Actron CP9145 easily scans and retrieves DTCs. View details.

The user interface is designed for ease of use and quick control of scanning functions.

Turn off that distracting “check engine” light.
The scanner allows you to easily retrieve, read, and erase OBD II trouble codes, as well as display and read live vehicle data for a faster diagnosis. With optional cables, you can also retrieve OBD I codes and live data for 1984-95 Ford and GM models, and 1989-95 Chrysler models. This sophisticated, yet extremely user-friendly tool includes the CP9145 base unit and can be used on OBD II compliant cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. from 1996 to present. Plus, the tool is fully upgradeable, accommodating future vehicles.
The CP9145 is built tough for both shop and road test use. It also features a large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display that shows the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and their definitions. And although you still have to fix the problem, the scanner will deactivate the “check engine” light on your dash so you’ll no longer be distracted while you drive. The scanner is easy to connect to your vehicle, and a user friendly menu provides a variety of information in a snap, including live engine data parameters (PIDs). Built-in help screens help you interpret the data, and you can view freeze frame data, which provides a “snapshot” of the vehicle’s operating conditions at the time of the fault. Meanwhile, an internal 9-volt battery stores the latest test results for later review.
Use the Monitor Status and I/M readiness (Inspection/Maintenance) function to determine if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. I/M Readiness is an excellent function to use prior to having a vehicle inspected for compliance with a state emissions program, so you’ll have a good idea if your vehicle will pass the standards.
Another important thing to remember is that all emission testing facilities will fail a vehicle that has the “check engine” light illuminated at the time of the test–even if it is only lit to remind you of a past-due oil change or 60,000-mile tune-up. With this scanner, you can shut off the check engine light and pass the emissions test on your terms.
The menu also alerts you of any pending DTCs and reads the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status. By reading the MIL status the scanner gives insight into what might cause your “check engine” light to turn on in the near future. In this way, the scanner also provides some preventive measures to help you keep a close eye on your vehicle’s systems.
The scanner comes with CD software that contains 5,000 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and their descriptions.

What’s in the Box
Super AutoScanner CP9145, OBD II cable, 8-foot extension cable, manual/CD-ROM with over 5,000 code definitions, and soft carrying case.
Manufacturer Warranty
One-year limited warranty.

English Electric Lightning F.1 XG337

English Electric Lightning F.1 XG337
27 Jan 70:
Issued to No. 2 School of Technical Training at RAF Cosford, Salop as 8056M. Coded ‘M’

During my Air Communication Mechanic course (May 1977) my final practical exam was a Radio Fault on the UHF system on this aircraft. One of the main undercarriage switches had been locked in the up possition to indicate an unsafe aircraft condition on application of ground power. Shouting aircraft unsafe and checking no-one was under the aircraft,the instructor would always be under the wing and you had to make sure he came out without ever entering under the aircraft your self

Getting a Huge New Air Conditioning Unit at Work

Getting a Huge New Air Conditioning Unit at Work
Getting a Huge New Air Conditioning Unit at Work.

air conditioning fault codes

Tripp Lite SU2200RTXL2UA 2200VA 1600W UPS Smart Online Rackmount 110V/120V USB DB9 2URM, 7 Outlets
SU2200RTXL2Ua is a 2200VA on-line double-conversion UPS system for critical server work and telemunications equipment. It features 2U rackmount form factor with an installed depth of only 19 in.Primary InformationPower Device Type : UPS UPS Technology : On-line Voltage Provided : AC 120 V ( 50/60 Hz ) Voltage Required : AC 120 V Circuit Protection : Circuit breaker Power Device / Form Factor : Rack-mountable Features : Emergency power off LED display; Cables Included: 1 x power cable – 10 ft Dimensions&MiscellaneousWidth : 17.5 Inch Depth : 19 Inch Height : 3.5 Inch Compliant Standards : UL1778 (USA) CSA C22.2 No. 107.3 (Canada) NOM (Mexico) Class A (emissions) FCC Part 68 / Industry Canada Enclosure Color : Black Header / Model : SU2200RTXL2Ua PowerPower Provided (W) : 1.6 KW Power Provided (VA) : 2200 VA Surge Suppression : Standard BatteryBattery Type : UPS Battery Battery Form Factor : Plug-in module Battery / Run Time : 6 min at full load ConnectionInterfaces & Connections : Interfaces : 1 x USB – 4 pin USB Type B 1 x management – RS-232 – 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) Input Connector(s) : 1 x power NEMA 5-20 Output Connector(s) : 7 x power NEMA L5-20 power NEMA 5-15/20 Product Line : Tripp Lite SmartOnLine Service&SupportService & Support Type : 2 years warranty UNSPSC CodeUNSPSC Code : 39121011